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“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” W.B. Yeats   
Morag Donnelly Lifeline Arts – is a workshop facilitator, Artist , life model and  dancer. Drawing on 20 years experience in the fields of movement, Art and body work . She inspires children and adults in a creative fun and sensitive approach to Art and drawing . Offering 1-1 sessions with 6 years and up, GCSE students through to foundation, portfolio mentoring,  ‘terrified of Art ‘Adults to those looking for a fresh way into their existing practice and recently in a joyous therapeutic form with a woman in her 80’s with Alzheimers.
Building confidence through a playful way and working with each individuals unique response,  to open up and often restore a sense of wonder and enjoyment, whilst building a richer more expansive and expressive language through the use of somatic sensory play and lots of experimentation.
The approach emphasises the importance of  seeing, and a deepening empathy, intimacy with ourself and life. Morag enables and encourages others with her relaxed, tender, open manner and intuitive nature. Creating a loving space of safety and freedom. She has been sharing the Lifelines workshops with 6th form schools for the last 4 years. Frequently travelling the UK and Europe giving w/end and longer courses, taking with her a fabulous team of models, unusual and intriguing drawing materials, live musician and a great Music set !
Morag is a rare combination of both life model and teacher. This gives her a unique gift; a deep insight and vision into the craft of life drawing and the importance of the Muse as conduit, an understanding based on her continued experience of 20 years of life drawing, as model and as guide to this creative process. While studying for her fine art degree in Farnham  Morag met Meriel Gold (Hoare), a former pupil of Cecil Collins; ‘The Vision of the Fool’ and had the privilege to assist and collaborate with her giving the life drawing courses ‘drawnhome’, in both the U.K and New York.
Her background of study and exploration in movement and healing arts; Reiki, shamanism, meditation, shiatsu and cranial work have influenced and deepened her own experience and relationship to touch. This growing awareness has more recently moved her towards a profound journey and development in training as a Psychosexual Somatic Practioner.
This rich teaching and nourishing practice has allowed time to explore insights into the relationship of creativity, sexuality and sensuality. Still in training and in supervision, Morag is delighted to have begun offering one to one sessions with Men and Women and is also offering small group workshops –  Meeting Nature’s Grace . These gatherings  integrate a deeper more intimate approach. Blending body- energetic awareness work , drawing from life, movement, conversation and touch. Here we explore our edges of body perception, beauty, reality of our nakedness, our connection to creative source,  sexual energy and pleasure.


The Lifeline approach to drawingis about centering in presence, being in the body in the moment, and allowing the language of drawing to become deeply rooted in the senses. 
To breathe in is to inspire.  To make room for anything new to come into view we have to exhale, let go, expire and allow ourselves to slow down and sink in to where we are.


Through relaxation, music and movement an atmosphere is created for inspiration and sensitivity. Within this safe open space of playful enquiry we have freedom to discover, let go and open our ability to respond to the gestures, the truth, the beauty and the ‘life’ of the model.
You will be invited to explore with a range of natural materials and instruments; feathers, hands, earth; and encouraged to let each element show you its way of drawing, its way of being. As the pose touches you, you touch the paper and this touch moves something within – it is from here that authentic drawing emerges
Once rooted in the supple connection with our own nature and realizing in fact we are nature, we can begin to establish an intimate relationship with all things. Our awareness is open and becomes a vast limitless field, receptive to living presence; the model, the muse. From this place of wonder, we can see that every element of the creative act of drawing life is guiding us.
‘it was a truly deep wonderful experience, I didn’t have words yesterday, I wanted to keep that feeling for long to integrate it… deep into the very peaceful feeling of the softness and tenderness, flying into the music flow, floating and being touched by every note. It was wonderful to be part of so much beauty. thank you so much for your guiding.I’m a better man today’- F.  J. Amoscotegui Calles, Musician 

Music & the muse

 April 27th & May 18th  1pm- 5pm,  our next Thursday session’s at Froyle village Hall, Hampshire. 

“A huge thank you for the marvellous Life Drawing class on Thursday.  It had a huge effect on me. The music and your generosity in sharing your visions and understanding helped me to open my eyes to see and feel a oneness which has been totally inspiring.  “ – Elaine, School teacher, Hampshire

Come and join us !.. for this regular  relaxed life drawing space held once a month. Allowing an opportunity to dip into the atmosphere, the poetry and fluidity of drawing from life, with freedom to experiment and with some suggestions and guidance to the sessionsGreat space, experienced professional models, wonderful music, drawing materials to borrow. Bring whatever materials you would like to play with, plenty of paper of any kind, kitchen towel, a cushion and blanket and something to share for afternoon tea.  We will supply the music and inspiration…..The Session is £40 ( concessionary spaces available) there is space for 14. Booking is essential. Contact for more info.

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Gratitude for all these beings bringing their beauty, truth, play in so many different forms are a few favourites , with love Morag